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    2. Welcome to Haike
      An innovative future led by technologies

      Shandong Haike Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (Haike Group) was established in 1988 with 18 subsidiaries and employs around 4,000 staff. Haike Group is engaged in petrochemical, new energy materials, nutrition & consumption chemistry, semiconductor chemistry, medicine, etc. and its business network spreads over 90 countries. It has achieved sustainable healthy and rapid development of the company and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

      • 4000

        Staff size
        (as of the end of 2018)

      • 30 million / year

        Training costs invested...

      • 250 million yuan

        Intelligent construction investment...

      • 98.7%

        Customer satisfaction...

      • 620

        As of the end of 2018

      • 150 million yuan / year

        R & D investment...